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Universities receive millions of euros in funding, so that they can begin and maintain research projects focused issues facing “inclusion“.However, due to the mighty cleave between theory and reality, results in research rarely become established practical behaviors or values.

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(Moussavian) The inhumane involuntary commitment in the psychiatric wards that took place in this period of the GDR called for worldwide shock and chagrin. The argumentation of interviewed personnel or the of human beings?

Ueckermünde, a small city at Stettiner Haff touts its “inclusivity” projects.

On the website of a regional politician (Dahlemann: 2013), to following goal is heralded: “The beginning of an inclusive region [at the Stettiner Haff” “Many were already there in Bürgersaal.

Yet, in the case of many diagnosed schizophrenics, this diagnosis is ungrounded. was seventeen years old, he was treated in the intensive care unit at the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic in Ueckermünde.