Senior date Egedal

Senior date Egedal
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(1966), Antarctic Atlas (in Russian), 1, 225 pp., Gidromet Press, Leningrad.

senior date Egedal-54

(1966), A history of the preparation and implementation of systematic scientific observations for the International Geophysical Year, D. thesis (in Russian), 457 pp., Moscow State University, Moscow.

Korolyov and His Work (in Russian), 215 pp., Nauka, Moscow. Morosov (1967), Flag over the Ice-fields (in Russian), 143 pp., Gidromet, Leningrad.

(1959), In the Grip of the Ice (in Russian), 212 pp., Geographic Press, Moscow.

(1960), Works of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition (in Russian), 8, 206 pp., Marine Transport, Leningrad. (1973), The Soviet Space Bluff (in Russian), 209 pp., Possev, Frankfurt.

(2006), Antarctic Memoirs, 143 pp., Seaview Press, West Lakes, South Australia. (1983), Centenary of the First Polar Year, 50th Anniversary of the Second Polar Year, and 25th Anniversary of the IGY (in Russian), 62 pp., Gidromet Press, Leningrad.