Plano vertical single scoped rifle hard case Bekanntschaften nagold

Plano vertical single scoped rifle hard case
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I was aware of it, and as far as evaluating the overall concept of the case..., it is a minimal issue.What others should know: YES, and I think some of the Marauder owners (using a scope), should know this. With my scope-sidewheel setup (through trial and error), I probably removed 3/4" from the bottom.The rear strap settles into the notch of tme Mrod stock. Things I would have changed: The foam in the fore-end needs to be stiffer so that the gun doesn't bang against the side of the case.

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Two high-density foam inserts and security straps, allow the gun to literally float inside the case.

Keep your precious items safe with this durable SE Series case from Plano.

I have a Benjamin Marauder, Leapers 4-16x44 scope, plus 80mm SIDEWHEEL) Additionally, the rigidity and affordability.

I bought 3 cases (one for my Marauder, one for my Gamo Whisper, and one for my son's powder-burner).

Heavy-duty latches and hinges with solid brass hardware.