Online dating test Düsseldorf

Online dating test Düsseldorf
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The early 1990's and the HEI 95With the UK's introduction of the HEI 95, a dedicated guideline for the acceptance testing of medical devices, the Rigel 244 was launched in the early 1990's.

Also known as the Rigel HEI 95 tester, it soon became synonymous with fast and efficient safety testing.

With a large colour display and a colour-coded user interface, it’s easy to select the required tests with a single key press, whilst a fast step-through of the test routine makes the testing process speedy and dependable.

Whilst small, the Safe Test 60 includes a range of safety tests to enable compliance with a range of international safety standards, including leakage testing to IEC 60601, 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99, earth bond testing to 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99, and insulation testing to IEC 62353.

Innovative test sequences and the ability to fully control power-up and power-down delay times have given the suers the ability to reduce their test time by over 50%.