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The Heidenau residents say nothing; their enmity goes silent for a short moment. Germany, in this late summer of 2015, can be a confusing place.There are migrants in uniform who have to protect the chancellor, herself from East Germany, from an eastern German mob.

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"They came to escape the war with the Russians." His German is flawless. "My father was a teacher in Afghanistan and my mother worked in the technical field," the policeman says.

The emblem of the Lower Saxony police force is displayed prominently on his breast. "But of course they could no longer practice their professions here." The young man speaks calmly, but insistently, looking at the people behind the police barricade directly in the eyes.

In the 1960s, it was said that the workers brought in from Italy and Turkey were only guests in the country, helping hands on the assembly lines of Bosch and Daimler.

Then, when they stayed and their children sat next to German kids in schools and Turkish vegetable stands sprung up on every street corner, the overwhelming majority of German policymakers continued to refuse to identify Germany as a country of immigration. Germany's political leadership still hasn't made up its mind and seems simultaneously tentative and courageous.

Sixty percent are of the opinion that the country can absorb the huge numbers of refugees currently arriving. During the World Cup in 2006, Germany presented itself as a joyful country. They will move into apartments that are already in short supply in some cities.