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The University of Mainz does not currently levy fees or tuition (Studiengebühren) for a regular course of study.Senior citizen students, auditing students, and certain postgraduate students may be subject to fees.**Measurable success is similar by the introduction of long-term tuition in other federal states and its effect on the decline of nominally enrolled students.

As the coordinator for the SPD's higher education policy, this furloughed professor from the Institute for Physiological Chemistry played a decisive role in the SPD's higher education policy and in the development of Study Accounts.

Today the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz has approximately 36,000 students (as of 2010) and consists of over 150 institutions and clinics.

At the time, establishing a university required papal approval and Adolf II initiated the approval process during his time in office.

The university, however, was first opened in 1477 by Adolf's successor to the bishopric, Diether von Isenburg.

The short videos (two to seven minutes) are specially made for students who are new to the city or university, and do offer information relevant to first-year students.