Dansk dating side Næstved

Dansk dating side Næstved
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The rest of the classrooms are located in Gymnasiefløjen where the teaching of the secondary school pupils takes place.

The Gymnasie Building is connected to the principal's office, the staffroom and Helenhallen, which is the second largest gym, also containing a stage.

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The second largest building is Skolebygningen ("The School Building") which contains two dormitories and some classrooms.

Up until the middle of the 20th century most of the teaching took place here, but now less than half the school's classrooms are located here.

The Danish naval officer and hero, Admiral of the Fleet Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Gøye took possession of the monastery in 1560 in exchange of their home Hillerødsholm (which later became Frederiksborg Palace).

The couple changed the name into Herlufsholm and founded the School in May 1565 as a shared dream, but Herluf Trolle never saw their dream materialise because he was fatally wounded on sea by the Swedes during the Great Northern War; he died in Copenhagen in June 1565.

Students in middle-school, 6th-9th, wear a double-buttoned blazer, while students in the preparatory class (10th grade) as well as all high school students wear the single-row, school blazer with the Gøye arms on the chest.