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Cologne single malt trust
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Ideally, each person should have three glasses in front of them and pre-pour an ounce of each whisky–it makes the room smell fantastic. Now, take a sip and roll the whisky all around your mouth with the cheese to get as much of the complex flavors as possible. Now sip it with a bite of the cheese and more complexity should be delivered.

Serving: Take your cheeses out of the fridge for an hour and cut them right before you plate them. Use your nose: Nose the Scotch with your mouth closed. Smell it but not with your snozz all the way in the glass like you’d do with a wine. Now for something entirely different, blooming: After you’ve enjoyed nosing and sipping your dram of Scotch, bloom it. Add about 9 drops of this unchlorinated spring water to your dram. This is fun to do with your guests, as it’s always surprising. Sartori Foods Sar Vecchio Parmesan Cheesemaker: Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Larry Steckbauer Paired with: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or Highlands The sweetness and nuttiness of this Parmesan sings with the complex flavors in this unique expression of Scotch, and the sweetness of this liquid will thrill you.

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Adding more tea made it almost disgusting, then I either got used to it or it somehow mellowed out.

At worst, the green tea and scotch was like the sort of concoction you’d make by mixing all the half-empty glasses on a table after a meal, daring your drunken friends to slam. Teacher’s and tea tasted slightly better than Famous Grouse and tea. I’m guessing there’s no science to it, it’s just a shot of whisky over ice and topped off with green tea.

I decided to give both ways a try, comparing them to my more traditional standby, scotch and soda. I started with Teacher’s, my favorite budget blend, and moved on to Famous Grouse, which is my current favorite blend.

Green Tea You know how some things that are very different—like peanut butter and jelly—really go well together, creating wondrous new flavor harmonies? I opted for a bottled green tea from Ito En, a Japanese maker.

The barley is germinated (“malted”) over several days. My Scotch glass of choice is the Riedel Single Malt Scotch Glass with a kind of tulip shape they call the elongated thistle shape.